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Mark That!

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  • Electricity-free
  • Thermo-ring heated edges
  • Non-Stick scooping bowl keeps ice cream frozen
Who wants to wait for their ice cream to thaw enough to scoop it? The wait is over! With the new heated Scoop THAT! ice cream scoop, you can serve ice cream at any temperature. This electricity-free scoop uses Thermo-ring technology to cut through your favorite flavors straight from the freezer. Utilizing the heat from your hand, the edges of the scoop heat up to easily scoop up the perfect round of ice cream. If that weren't enough, the bowl of the scoop keeps your ice cream frozen, so you're still rewarded with a perfectly frozen treat. Use this heated ice cream scoop like you would any other, but enjoy the immediate gratification of perfectly frozen ice cream every time, straight from the freezer