Spremiagrumi Professionale Orangenius

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Catégorie Professional Appliance
Mark Oranfresh

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Orangenius is the genius among the Oranfresh® line of machines. Especially suited for commercial enterprises where space is a critical factor, this new machine is truly compact and practical. Its innovative technological design, small dimensions and its highly recommended and approved plastic food-safe material, has made it ideal for hotel, bar, small restaurant and catering establishments use worldwide.

This uniquely efficient machine is able to process an impressive 21 oranges per minute, with a surprisingly sturdy structure making it easy to maintain and clean thanks to its exceptionally functional and simply detachable squeezing cylinder, at the core of the squeezing process. Likewise the Orangenius model, as with all other Oranfresh® machines, has the unique capacity to separate the pure citrus juice from its bitter peel oil ensuring a superior yield and, guaranteeing of course, genuine quality 100% juice.

Available in Orange or Silver finish. 

Height: 71 cm 
Depth: 56 cm 
Width: 26 cm 
Weight: 34 kg
Speed: 21 oranges/minute
Amps:  5,5 UE
Volts: 220/240 UE