Francis Francis X1 Trio E.S.E.

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  € 521,58

Single Serving (PODS)

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Product code 5060269370608
Category Steel Casing Machine
Brand Francis Francis illy

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TRIO New Model New Brewing group for Single Serving PODS.
Available color : Red,Black ,Yellow,Almon,Orange,Light Bleu

Beautiful, stylish and retro-futuristic looking Espresso Coffee Machine from Italian designer Luca Trazzi.
Luca's first espresso coffee machine is widely admired not only for its looks but as a fantastic pump action espresso coffee maker

FrancisFrancis X1 Specifications
Dimensions Width 26cm x Depth 25cm x Height 33cm
Water Reservoir 1.55 litres (about 15 cups)
Weight 7Kg
Pump pressure 18 bar
Max electrical power 1100 Watts
NEW Features
-18 Bar Pump
-Automatic Boiler Priming
-Audible Beep when at brewing temperature
-Audible Beep when steam is ready
-1 Handle with single and double insert
-New temperature guage
-Green light when machine is ready to use.
-Shut off and audible beep if pump is left running for 70 seconds
-Audible beep when water tank is empty
-All steel bodies - powder coated painted finish