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Product code 8024872350003
Category Professional Appliance
Brand Nemox


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. to frix with fantasy
mousses, sorbets, ice creams, sauces, soups .

Frixair is the brand new NEMOX professional appliance suitable to prepare (or frix) mousses, sorbets, ice creams, sauces and soups. Frixair minces, mixes and blends all ingredients, either frozen or fresh, preserving the natural and rich taste of food, to get a velvety texture at the ideal tasting temperature!

. easily and quickly .

With Frixair you can process a wide range of food easily and quickly, and serve the food immediately or use it for more elaborate recipes.
Simply add the ingredients to each single-dose plastic container as you like or following the indications in the recipe book and cover.
Put the containers in the freezer at a temperature of -20°C to until the mixture is frozen.
Finally, process the mixture (180 g. ingredients max) as indicated in the recipe book. You only need 1 or 2 minutes for frixing, depending on the selected speed.
The result is incredibly creamy and velvety: the temperature is ideal for use  and taste is amazingly enhanced!
. thanks to the advanced NEMOX technology!

The silicone packing seals the container while a pump supplies air at a pressure of about 2 bar.
  The powerful motor of Frixair rotates the stainless steel blade at very high speed.
Two of the blade arms have cutting edges that can cut very thin portions of frozen food; the other two arms, shaped as airplane wings, produce such dynamic system as to create perfect mixing of air and ingredients under pressure. The result is creamy and velvety.

An advanced and complex system of mechanical, electrical and electronic controls always ensures a safe machine operation.
An easy reset system allows restarting the appliance in the event of a user mistake.

Single-dose containers, made of a special material are suitable for microwave ovens and dishwashers.


Rating 230V 50Hz
Maximum power: 700 W
Rotation speed: 2000 Rpm
Air pressure: 2 bar
Cups volume: 300 cc
Max. quantity of ingredients: 180 cc
Cups size: mm. 72 x 90 (h)
Machine size: mm. 205x335x495 (h)
Machine weight: Kg. 19