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CI 2080/5 Chocolate pot with 5 litres s. steel container

780,00 VAT included

CI 2080/5  Chocolate pot with 5 litres s. steel container

Chocolate pots for preparing a large quantity of hot chocolate and other hot drinks such as milk, coffee, tea, herbal tea, mulled wine, etc... and then keeping them hot. The electric heating element ensures optimum hygiene and eliminates the risk of harmful bacteria. All the removable containers ensure easy cleaning and enable the operator to kept in the fridge without transferred the remaining chocolate.

CR 2082 Crepe-machine maker

700,00 VAT included

CR2082  Crepe-machine maker  - See recipes in the last pages. Crepe-machine maker with Ø 34,5 cm. glass ceramic hotplate; the special design of the top is ideal for preparing crepes and “piadina” or heat up “pizza”, “focaccia” and every other food.

ES 2017 Eis spaghetti

392,00 VAT included

Eis spaghetti ES 2017  - Spaghetti Icer to prepare special ice cream sundaes

SP 2016 Manual Citrus Squeezer

404,00 VAT included

Manual Citrus Squeezer - Appliance intended for special production: in particular, the barmen can obtain clear juice for cocktails thanks to the manual pressure.

SP 2024 Aluminium Citrus Squeezer

492,00 VAT included

SP 2024  Aluminium Citrus Squeezer with aluminium body

Sp 2061 'Mignon' Citrus Squeezer

368,00 VAT included

'Mignon' Citrus Squeezer Sp 2061 - Citrus-fruit squeezers with 200 rpm motorized gearboxt

SP 2072/LL Automatic Citrus Squeezer

698,00 VAT included

SP 2072/LL Automatic Citrus Squeezer - chrome body, s.steel cone

Automatic citrus fruit squeezers using manual or mechanical pressure for squeezing juice from all citrus fruits thanks to the special design of a combined cone for lemon-orange-grape fruit. For the best cleaning all the model come with completely removable stainless steel tray. Squeezing with the lever is 100% hygienic and the powerful and silent motors make these machines indispensable accessories for any bar.