Nemox Gelato Pro 5k sc

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Mark Nemox
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Technical Data


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The Gelato Pro 5KSC is the "must have" countertop machine for restaurants world-wide.

Functional, powerful, fast and convenient, it grants the highest quality in gelato/ice cream and sorbet preparation.

Continuous operating capability allows rapid production of several different flavours.

The machine body is entirely made of stainless steel, like the mixer blade, featuring replaceable inserts.

Magnetic safety device: when the lid is lifted, the paddle stops automatically.

Refrigeration and paddle switch

Density control: stops the mixing motor when the mixing effort is excessive.

Stainless steel paddle with adjustable scrapers

Drain system for easy cleaning.

Air cooling.


- 5,00 Kg (7.4 Qt) / h

- 1,25 Kg (1,3 Qt) / Cycle

dim. 465x480x395h mm