Nemox Gelato 3k Touch

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Technical Data

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GELATO 3K is the most compact FULLY AUTOMATIC, TOUCH SCREEN OPERATED machine to prepare gelato on demand!

The touch of just one switch, will start a fully automatic production and storage process. A “clever” control board automatically detects the consistency of the ingredients being processed. Doesn’t matter if you process gelato or sorbet or ice cream or frozen yoghurt or granita (slush).

The electronic board operates a multi-process control and when the preparation is ready it automatically starts a unique STORAGE cycle allowing to keep the finished preparation in the machine as long as needed. Push a button and leave.

The magnetic safety device automatically stops the paddle when the lid is lifted. Continuous operating capability allows rapid production of several different flavours. The machine body is entirely made of stainless steel, like the removable bowl and the mixer blade featuring replaceable inserts. Air cooling.