Lagostina cookware set 11pz Euforia

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Mark Lagostina

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Since 1901, the Lagostina family has brought Italian aesthetics, state-of-the-art technology and fine workmanship to the exceptional cookware they produce in Northern Italy
With over 80 years of experience in the production of stainless steel household utensils, Lagostina has become a leader in the field, distributing its products to some 41 countries in Western Europe, North America and the Far East.

Lagostina Euforia cookware set in stainless steel 10/10 11 pcs .

Lagostina high quality and the great care of the details are associated to a modern and elegant style without forgetting the high performances of cooking and durability. The mirror polishing of the external side and the satiny internal side assure the highest hygiene and the easiness in cleaning.

Capsulate Lagoseal Plus base with its three layer of aluminium - steel - aluminium is adapt to all heat surfaces (gas, electric induction, ceram) with a good heat diffusion and preventing the food sticking.

This 10pcs cookware set includes:

-Pot 2 handle diam 18 cm
-Pot 2 handle diam 22 cm
-Casserole Deep 2 Handle diam 18 cm
-Casseruola Deep 2 Handle diam 22 cm
-Casseruola Semi deep 2 Handle diam 24 cm
-Casserole Deep Long Handle diam 14 cm
-Milk Pan diam 12 cm
-Lid diam 14 cm
-Lid diam 18 cm
-Lid diam 22 cm
-Lid diam 24 cm