Izzo Alex Duetto III Dual Boiler

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Catégorie Dual boiler espresso machine
Mark Izzo


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New steam and hot water knobs and an alarm beep switch,NEW Izzo Tamper NEW Packaging,NEW stainless body inox AISI 304,New No burn wands

1. No more pressure stat: both boiler temperature water/steamer and brew are now controlled by a special super PID able to check 3 probes and once.
2. Two SSR relay: one for each boiler to assist the PID accuracy in this job.
3. Boiler priority: you may program the off set of each boiler as well as which one you want to get electrical power prior.
4. PID limit: just a security option for highest water/steamer boiler's temperature setting, so that you may not overcame °C 128 or °F 262,4, corresponding to 1,5 bar into the boiler
5. OPV rerouting: OPV water waste back into the drip tray, no more caring for the reservoir overflow when you plumb the machine to mains water.
6. Vacuum breaker valve: no more danger of steam/drops sprinkled inner the machine environment; it goes back to reservoir.
7. Boiler's hook: both boilers are now hooked to the bottom grid, no more movement during the transport.
8. Boiler's on/off switch: we kept the previous button on the machine's side to quicker easily use the Nuova Duetto economically.


E 61 commercial group with lever action
All stainless construction (including the frame)
Large removable drip tray (includes option to drain if desired)
Dual Boilers
Steam Boiler 1.8 liter insulated
Group Boiler .8 liter
Extremely quiet rotary pump
Lever control to allow switching from direct plumb to manual fill
Water tank 2.4 liter with low water sensor (cuts power to heater)
Voltage 220 volt or 110v
New Features:
NEWLY DESIGNED. New steam and hot water knobs a. NEW alarm beep switch. NEW Izzo Tamper. NEW Packaging. NEW stainless body inox AISI 304.