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Professional & Kitchenware Stainless Steel Articles

aluminium tamper

Catégorie: Accessoires

28,52 TVA inclus

Tamper tout acier 58 mm E61 Group

Bac Inox2

Catégorie: Accessoires

35,99 TVA inclus

Knock Box inox 18/10 Made in Italy diam 11cm

Chocolate shaker

Catégorie: Accessoires

12,33 TVA inclus

Stainless steel 18/10 Chocolate shaker

Graduated Coffee Cup in Glass Set 6pcs

Catégorie: Accessoires

18,00 TVA inclus

€ 24,00

Graduated Coffee Cup in Glass  Set 6pcs

Tamping Station

Catégorie: Accessoires

36,00 TVA inclus

Premium Inox Tamping Stand
Perfect Tamping Stand with place for the tamper and a spoon Holds the portafiler just right whilst you tamp without marking the worksurface Made in Stainless steel and rubber

wooden-aluminium tamper

Catégorie: Accessoires

23,97 TVA inclus

wooden handle aluminum tamper 48mm