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For Espresso Lovers Only

Bezzera Hobby

Catégorie: Machine en acier

492,73 TVA inclus


The espresso coffee machine HOBBY is an home use machine, has a boiler of 0,25 litres by which it can produce excellent coffee, steam and hot water to prepare infusions. The machine is equipped with a water tank.

Bezzera Strega AL TOP

Catégorie: Machine à levier

1.690,00 TVA inclus

Strega model combines the modern features of a coffee machine of the twenty-first century, with the traditional lever system that guarantees optimal extraction of coffee flavours, delivering creamy espresso following the italian espresso tradition.


Bottomless Portafilter Bezzera

Catégorie: Accessoires

52,97 TVA inclus

Ce porte-filtre bottomless appelé aussi porte-filtre sans fond ou naked Portafilter est 100 % compatible avec les machines group Bezzera