Siffer 87609W18

Category: I-Led

Siffer drive-over fixture


Brafe 87531C30

Category: I-Led

Brafe brass spotlight.


La Pavoni PL Professional-offer

Category: Manual-Lever

HK$ 6,224.25 VAT included

PL Professional Lusso : 16 cup capacity


Imperia Bundle 2 Electric Version

HK$ 12,550.02 VAT included

HK$ 14,421.93

Imperia Bundle 2

-Electric Restaurant Pasta Machine

-Round Ravioli Stamp in Brass diam 50mm

-Square Ravioli Stamp in Brss diam 45x 45 mm


Gear Set for Electric Imperia RMN NEW

HK$ 536.80 VAT included

Gear Set for Electric Imperia RMN New version


Imperia RMN 220-electric

HK$ 11,969.57 VAT included

HK$ 11,969.57

Imperia RMN 220-electric.La Sfogliatrice series The most popular maker among chefs and conoissuers around the world


Nemox Gelatissimo Exclusive

Category: Nemox

HK$ 3,367.85 VAT included

Nemox Gelatissimo Exclusive 1,7 LITERS of ice cream, sorbet and granita


Musso Pola (Stella) 5030

Category: Musso Home Luxury

HK$ 9,254.35 VAT included

HK$ 9,640.35

Musso model Pola (Stella),TRUE EXCELLENCE , The Rolls Royce of the ice cream makers .


Nuova Simonelli Musica Lux

Category: Small Office

HK$ 14,086.85 VAT included

Nuova Simonelli Musica LUX steel espresso machine