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Venus Family is a semi professional machine,Its has all the characteristics and components of a professional Machine , but its dedicated to home and office use.

With the Venus Family its possibile to adjust the temperature of the water in the boiler which means the barista can control the temperature of the water supplied depending on the mix being used

Venus Family has several professional components such as a filter holder, a steam wand, as well as a water temperature regulater which assures effortless work resulting in a superior machine compared to its domestic competitors.

Model: Venus Family
Groups: 1
Power : 100 W
Net weight: 16 kg
Gross weight: 18 kg
Water tank capacity: 2,3 lt
Volts: 230-115 V 50-60Hz
Dimensioni: L 320mm H 510mm P 320mm
Body finishing: Copper, Chrome, Brass