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Coffee Beans , Pods , Capsules

Coffee Beans , Pods , Capsules

coffee beans Lavazza

88,18 VAT included

QUALITA' ROSSA LAVAZZA Whole coffee beans 5 X 1000g (35,2 oz.) 176 oz.

illy capsules black

49,00 VAT included

ILLY capsules Iperespresso system - 6 can X 18 capsules = 108 capsules BLACK (DARK ROAST)

illy capsules red

49,00 VAT included

ILLY capsules Iperespresso system - 6 can X 18 capsules = 108 capsules RED (normal roast)

illy coffee beans

156,41 VAT included

€ 156,41

Illy roasted coffee beans-20can X 250g = 5 Kg 176 oz.

Italcaffe Elite Bar whole beans

304,98 VAT included

€ 304,98

Italcaffé - ELITE BAR - whole beans, 12x1 kg: total 12 kg
The most precious coffee varieties are mixed to obtain a blend with a pleasant aroma and sweet cream.
The ideal coffee for those who want only a high-quality products.
It is available in 1.000 g. vacuum packages in beans with unidirectional air valve.

Italcaffe Espresso Bar Coffee Pod

80,58 VAT included

Italcaffé - COFFEE PODS (2 x 150 servings) Coffee pods
Italcaffè pods are prepared using the best quality coffees, pre-measured, pre-pressed and uniformly round. Our single-serving pods offer the advantage of a product that maintains its characteristics perfectly over the time

Unaltered aroma: The method of preservation under controlled atmosphere guarantees a product that is always fresh and maintains its original aroma and fragrance over time

Long shelf life: the special packaging ensures the product a long shelf life without any alteration in the fragrance or taste

Perfect seal against humidity: each pod is packaged and protected in an individual heat-sealed wrapper which perfectly insulates it from any environmental agents (humidity, water, temperature changes)

Practical and functional: the single-serving pod eliminates the need for daily grinding and ensures the maximum hygiene without mess or product waste

Italcaffe Gran Crema whole beans

202,98 VAT included

Italcaffé - GRAN CREMA - whole beans (12 Kg)
The perfect blend for those who like a coffee with a rich cream and full-bodied taste
Box contains 12 packages of 1 kg each (35,2 oz)
Ideal for espresso and cappuccino.
A cup of absolute quality
A coffee for real connoisseurs

Italcaffe Gusto Aroma whole beans

162,18 VAT included

€ 162,18

Italcaffé - GUSTO & AROMA - whole beans (12 kg)
A coffee blend with a strong but soft taste and an intense and rich flavour
Box contains 12 packages of 1 kg each (35,2 oz)