Espresso Machines

Anyone wanting to make a good espresso has to meet four essential needs. The first is the choice of the right blend, the second is a proper espresso machine - properly maintained, the third is the right grade of grind and the fourth is the knack with which the measure of coffee is pressed. Espresso must be easy on the eye (with froth - also known as cream - which is thick and nutty-red in colour), the nose (with a rich aroma) and the palate (almost chocolatey). And of course it has to leave a pleasant taste in the mouth for a good long time after being drunk (after-taste).


Combo set
Combo set-Bundle  Limited q.ty


Quick Mill ,Isomac, Gaggia, Bialetti ,Francis Francis, Rancilio

Small Office
Small Office

Gaggia, Saeco, Kitchenaid, DeLonghi

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Bottomless Portafilter QuickMill A

Category: Accessories

54,19 VAT included

Bottomless Portafilter called also Naked filterholder for  QuickMill 04005/4100 Pippa and all the e61 Group 


Category: Accessories

6,61 VAT included

Cleaner for espresso machine -liquid 250 ml

Elektra Mini Verticale A1

1.699,50 VAT included

Elektra Mini Verticale

Isomac base

Category: Accessories

125,00 VAT included


Drawer made of stainless steel, suitable to place under the grinder. Wooden stick to knock the waste against in the box.
Height: 70 mm Width: 205 mm Depth: 330 mm

Isomac Millennium New Version

1.189,00 VAT included


The Millennium New Version Steam and hot water stainless steel jets with cool touch anti-burn system.

Isomac Tea PID

1.189,00 VAT included


Isomac Tea PID NEW MODEL 2014

Isomac Zaffiro New version

849,00 VAT included


The Zaffiro is one of the best single boiler machines on the market. New Version Steam stainless steel want with cool touch anti-burn system

La Pavoni EL europiccola-offer

Category: Manual-Lever

486,78 VAT included

La Pavoni EL Europiccola, the lever machine always in vogue, allows 8 cups of espresso to be made consecutively.