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Nemox CHEF 5L Automatic

Category: Nemox

1.890,00 VAT included

€ 2.000,00

Gelato Chef 5L, the compact gelato machine for professional use, with stainless steel removable bowl and storage function.

Nemox Gelato 3k Touch

Category: Nemox

2.581,25 VAT included

€ 2.800,00

NEMOX GELATO  3K Touch Super Automatic

Nemox Gelato 4k Touch

Category: Nemox

2.944,00 VAT included

€ 3.200,00

NEMOX GELATO  4K Touch Super Automatic

Nemox Gelato Pro 12k

Category: Nemox

8.886,24 VAT included

€ 8.886,24

Gelato Pro 12k  Nemox

Nemox Gelato Pro 2000

Category: Nemox

1.090,00 VAT included

Gelato Pro 2000 Ice Cream Machine Nemox

Nemox Gelato Pro 2500 SP

Category: Nemox

2.199,00 VAT included

New 2014 Pro 2500 SP

Nemox Gelato Pro 5k sc

Category: Nemox

3.399,00 VAT included

Gelato Pro 5k  sc Nemox