Ice Cream machines

Ice Cream machines

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Ice Cream ScoopTHAT

HK$ 254.76 VAT included

HK$ 318.45

ScoopTHAT! II is the amazing ice cream scoop that does all the hard work for you – carving through ice cream straight from the bowl or the freezer and delivering it to your bowl in perfect balls every time. 

LaGondola Gelato Set : Ricettario e Spatola Porzionatore THAT

HK$ 279.85 VAT included

HK$ 337.75

LaGondola Gelato Set : Ricettario con 32 Sorprendenti Ricette per Sorbetti Gelati & Dolci Ghiacciati e Spatola Porzionatore THAT con bordo scaldato per palline SEMPRE PERFETTE.

Musso MINI Lussino 4080 Piccolo

Category: Musso Home Luxury

HK$ 7,420.85 VAT included

HK$ 7,710.35

Musso model Lussino, TRUE EXCELLENCE The Rolls Royce of the ice cream makers .This model is called also Mini or Piccolo

Musso Pola (Stella) 5030

Category: Musso Home Luxury

HK$ 9,254.35 VAT included

HK$ 9,640.35

Musso model Pola (Stella),TRUE EXCELLENCE , The Rolls Royce of the ice cream makers .

Musso Pola Stella CHEF

HK$ 12,052.85 VAT included

HK$ 13,027.50

Musso Model Pola Stella CHEF Commercial IceCream Machine with Safety Device

musso stella spare parts

HK$ 1,565.81 VAT included

churn paddle +fan motor+shaft sleeve  with shaft bush+ capacitor +b bush x 4  +a bush x 3

Nemox CHEF 5L Automatic

Category: Nemox

HK$ 18,238.50 VAT included

HK$ 19,300.00

Gelato Chef 5L, the compact gelato machine for professional use, with stainless steel removable bowl and storage function.

Nemox Gelato 3k Touch

Category: Nemox

HK$ 24,909.06 VAT included

HK$ 27,020.00

NEMOX GELATO  3K Touch Super Automatic